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    About Justin Morris

    To pursue a career as a singer, one would have to possess the following: love of music, the ability to voice melodious modulations and a simple ear for music. A person considered "Tone deaf", would be the last to dream of a singing career, but Justin Morris did just that. He dreamed, and he conquered.

    When you hear Justin's voice, it is hard to distinguish it from that of his inspiration and influence, Sam Cooke. Like Sam, Justin's voice possesses that smooth, velvet richness which has been associated with such singers as the late Billie Holiday and Nat King Cole. Though he had developed his own style, it is hard not to recognize Sam Cooke's influence in his music.

    Caroline County - is an ordinary - place for some; however, it is in this small community that the life of Justin Morris began. Recalling his childhood, Justin smiles, saying, "his upbringing was laced with music and love." At a young age, he and his older brother, Kenneth would play "Gospel Singers" and would practice singing to- give family concerts during the holidays. Kenneth and Justin would also pretend to be members of the "Soul Stirrers" and perform all of the group's latest hits. Kenneth was the lead singer of their little duo. Justin recalls Kenneth's instructions as they would play, "He would say 'listen to Sam Cooke... copy him'. He beams as he says, "I did exactly as he instructed and our harmony was perfect." This game of pretend, ironically enough, would become a reality for Justin when he would become the lead singer for the "Soul Stirrers". Justin later joined a group of friends who sang at a local church. It was there, that the "performance bug" bit him.

    Over the next few years, between 1976-1983, Justin became associated with the "Gospel QC Quartet" and "The Saints of God". Realizing that the heights of his talents had yet to be reached, he began to arrange and compose songs. This experience afforded Justin the opportunity to experience his first recording, which was a 45, entitled "Spirtual Change". The confidence of his abilities in this project led to his first album on the TCS label entitled, "If Heaven's a dream, don't wake me," a second album, followed this project on JM Record Label entitled "Come on In" a well received album, an opportunity was extended to play the lead character (Justin Bailey) In the Tony Cosby's production of a hit stage play "Living in a suitcase" portrayed the life of a young man who crossed over from Gospel music to the secular world to reap the economical impact. Justin's vocals attracted the attention of the "Soul Stirrers" of Chicago and by way of accepting an informal invitation to Biloxi, Mississippi he met and rehearsed, In 1998 he became an official member and ultimately the lead vocalist, his interaction has affored him to travel nationally and interntionally throughout Tokyo, Japan & Rome Italy, they were inducted in the Vocal Music Hall of Fame in 2000, being inspired with a vision by God, I stand on faith in formulating my solo career.

    "I believe that the gift of song is my divine calling," says Justin. Music can be used as an avenue of compassion through which God can manifest healings, miracles and blessings. His desire is that we worship him in Spirit and Truth and if we continue to do this, we may one day acquire the ability to open up creation with song. That is what I aspire to; that God would anoint my voice and use me as a vessel to manifest his glory.